Restaurant Review: Yuko Kitchen

Tucked away just off Wilshire Blvd. is the cutest Japanese restaurant I have ever laid eyes on. Not only am I now completely in love with the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood (enough to brace traffic to get there), but I have a new favorite spot thanks to my foodie friend, Willow! Parking is tricky but the cute decor and hip wall paintings make it for that aspect. Well, in my opinion they do.



If you’re looking for healthy, tasty eats, look no further! For Los Angeles, Yuko Kitchen has some of the best Japanese food for a price that won’t break your wallet. For $40 (including tip in this total), we got an appetizer, 2 huge bowls, and a strawberry soda.


Pictured: Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice Cakes

IMG_4983 IMG_4985

Pictured: Unagi Bowl (left) & Garlic Albacore Bowl (right)

Ugh, I’m actually drooling just looking at these photos because it was SO GOOD. I had the unagi bowl and the eel is some of the best I’ve ever had. The spicy salmon rice cakes were delicious and texturally diverse.


We finished our night off with a little Salt & Straw ice cream — my first (but not last) time there! We got there on the last day of the July flavors so I got one of the specials of the month, birthday cakes & blackberries, with a scoop of a classic, salted, malted chocolate chip cookie dough, under it. By the end, I had ice cream all over my face and hands, just like the happiest little kid in the world.

Happy eating in LA! Hope you get out there and find new favorites!

With love, Monnie


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