Restaurant Review: Sidecar Donuts

Let’s talk guilty pleasures. If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of lately, it’s artisan donuts — freshly made before my eyes with flavors only the craziest bakers will dream of. Sidecar Donuts is my shop of choice, especially because it’s right here in the OC, yet world famous for its creations.

IMG_5034 IMG_5035

Pictured: Midsummer Garden Cake (left), Lemon Poppyseed (right)

IMG_5037 IMG_5036

Pictured: Peach Melba (left), Maple Bacon (right)

I know I’m only one person, but I think that warrants getting 4 different donuts. I also may have had 3 of these in one sitting… Oops. Worth every calorie. Favorite one of this batch? Peach melba — my two favorite fruits on one airy donut. YUM!

Hope y’all will venture on out this way, let me know so I can join you and have an excuse to come back.

With much love, Monnie


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