Restaurant Review: Zazie

When in San Francisco, do the hipster thing and go to brunch. You know you’re in a good neighborhood for such activities if you can’t even get to the restaurant by car because all of the streets surrounding it are blocked off for a handmade goods street market.

I spent a weekend (well, most of it) in SF with my friend, Victoria, who like me, has some stomach issues… Breakfast is one of those few things we can eat without making ourselves completely sick, but half of the time, I just ignore my dietary restrictions in the name of great tasting food. After a few beers the night of a UCLA football game, we decided to sleep in and grab brunch. She’s been a local for a few years now, but had never been to Zazie so that’s where we were headed. Nestled in the Cole Valley neighborhood, we found ourselves waiting for about an hour to get in.


I started off with a drink, no, not the alcoholic kind — although they have some great morning cocktails here! My signature chai latte arrived in a soup bowl… not kidding, actually the size of a bowl of soup. I’m pretty particular when it comes to my chai, and this one was strong and flavorful! LOVED it.


Victoria went with a scramble and a side of potatoes. FODMAP-friendly! Well, kinda.


I went with the signature poached eggs (read “eggs benedict”), opting for the not so traditional La Mer. I figured while in SF, why not have seafood. I was not disappointed, it was delicious UNTIL… I got the largest chunk of eggshell in my last bite of it. Bummer! The potatoes were flavorful, but not crispy enough for my liking.

Would I go back and wait another hour? Eh, probably not. But the most important thing I loved about this place was that they pay their employees a living wage right from the get-go, and have full health and dental benefits for them too! Prices are adjusted so you don’t have to tip, and they don’t have to rely on your tips to support themselves. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.


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