Shake Shack vs In-N-Out

You are hearing it here first, from a girl that’s completely biased from living in Southern California her whole life…

The winner between Shake Shack vs In n’ Out Burger is A TIE. 

There are so many great things about both and I am just a burger lover to the fullest that I decided to give you a side-by-side comparison on the two. In the end, I want to say it’s a tie (because I can never get enough In n’ Out), but I know that I could probably go for some more Shake Shack any day. In fact, I already miss it and I barely left New York.

Okay, here’s the run-down:

  • Burgers: Never ever let tomatoes or pickles ruin your burger. Just a personal preference…
    1. Shackburger (Shake Shack): Thicker patty, thicker and softer bun, romaine lettuce, american cheese, and their sauce
      1. The bun was a little much for my taste and the romaine got wilty towards the end. Couldn’t really taste the sauce but the patty was juicy.
    2. Cheeseburger (In n’ Out): Thin and crispy patty, toasted sponge buns, iceberg lettuce and In n’ Out spread
      1. Actually my all-time favorite burger. While I love a thick and fancy burger, I can never get tired of In n’ Out’s even if I eat it 3 times I week (sometimes I actually do). There’s just something about the combination of all those ingredients.
  • Fries:
    1. Cheese Fries (Shake Shack): Signature Crinkle Cut with a mixture of cheddar and american cheese all over
      1. I have to give it to Shake Shack, they know how to get a woman by combining two of my favorite things — cheese and fries. I love the crispiness of these fries, and the softness of the potato on the inside. The cheese sauce is the perfect compliment too.
    2. Animal Fries (In n’ Out): Fresh cut potato fries with grilled onions, melted american cheese and their spread
      1. This is my go-to when I’m feeling half-hungry and am not counting calories (which, let’s be honest, is never). Although I will always feel like a boss for ordering off the “secret menu,” I do have some critiques. The fries are basically veggie chips, you know those ones that are like straws? And sometimes you don’t get enough cheese, which is just the craziest disappointment.
  • Drinks/Shakes: Sadly, I didn’t get a shake from Shake Shack this time so I guess I’ve have to go back to NY soon… 🙂
    1. Fifty Fifty (Shake Shack): Iced tea mixed with lemonade
      1. Their seasonal lemonade when I went was peach… OMG, how did they know I was coming? I die, this drink was the perfect thing to wash down my burger and fries. Just the perfect amount of sweet and tart. I love that they have different lemonades.
    2. Arnold Palmer (In n’ Out): Unsweetened tea mixed with pink lemonade
      1. Love that when I walk in, I can make my own drink with the proportions just as I like them. Also love the free refills. The pink lemonade is their version of fresh lemonade and it really makes the difference when having an Arnold Palmer.
    3. Neapolitan Shake (In n’ Out): Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate shake — all in one cup.
      1. I know I don’t have a point of comparison on this one yet but I just thought I’d let you know my thoughts on it anyways. Definitely good for dessert (since In n’ Out doesn’t have any) but not good when trying to wash down the meal. Always get the neapolitan because why the hell not. It’s basically soft-serve that been watered down a bit but it’s still satisfying as ever.

I love you In n’ Out, but you gotta step up the fry and variety game over here. Shake Shack — I’ll be back for you.

With much love, Monnie


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