Restaurant Review: Gjelina

I feel like WordPress keeps getting better and better. Excuse my poorly formatted last couple posts, pictures have been harder to align with one another lately. But today, TA-DA! Thank you, WordPress, for the gallery display for photos.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had Gjelina’s (I think) and I’m just now writing my review on it… BAD MONNIE! Frankly, I was too busy still drooling over the food to be bother to write about it. I mean, how much more good press can Gjelina get? It’s an Angeleno staple for foodies and with a seasonal menu, you are guarantee to be able to get something you’ve never have each different time you go there. Secretly hoping my favorite things never go out of season though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was reminded to finally review this visit because I was with the same person this Valentine’s Day that I was when I went here last. Which reminds me, this is sincerely a great place for a Valentine’s dinner or any date in general… just saying (for 2017). I was braving the bitter cold of Detroit, Michigan this year but hopefully that person will be coming back home soon. Cheers to good company keeping me warm and full.

With much love, Monnie


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