About Me


Hi there! My name is Monica, affectionately called by Monnie by some of my closest friends. I graduated UCLA in June 2015, but will always be a proud Bruin.

Based in SoCal (LA, OC and occasionally the Inland Empire).

I have an immense love for food – cooking, baking and especially eating. I also find a great pleasure in writing, it’s not only a stress-reliever for me, but it always gives me a way to express myself (since I’m usually a big listener, just a part of being an ISTJ personality type). I am notorious for taking pictures of my food and friends – often making everyone hold off on eating so I can snap the perfect shot. And for anyone who’s known me for a while, I’ve been traveling since I was in the womb and haven’t been able to shake the travel bug since then. With all this, I present to you this blog in hopes of sharing a bit of my life and passions.

Planned trips: Rome/Florence/Positano in July 2018

Social Media:  Instagram | Pinterest 


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