Restaurant Review: The Detour Bistro Bar

Folks! It’s my favorite time of the year!! DineLA Week! Now that I’m not living in LA anymore, it’s tough to schedule a time to get up there and have a meal with friends.… Continue reading


About a year ago, I went on the adventure of a lifetime AND got upper division course credits for it too. As a German language minor, spending a month or so traveling through… Continue reading


Oh boy, I wish I read up on some tips before I left for an all-inclusive trip to Cáncun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Lately, I’ve been very lax with my packing (I’m attempting to… Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Tar & Roses (LA)

Little bit of a late review, but the delightful taste of Tar & Roses‘ food still lingers in my mind 5 months later. My friend, Narcis, and I decided to go a couple… Continue reading


Hiya folks, Sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been diligently focusing on my 4th and final year at UCLA. Now, I’m officially done! Photo Cred: MDrell Photography I’m moving back home to attend the University… Continue reading

Food Review: Vienna

The food was incredible in Vienna and I truly wish I had gotten pictures of it all. I definitely got my fill of schnitzel, burgers and wurst. I met up with a friend… Continue reading

BRB, going to Europe!

Hi, folks! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long… I’ve been packing for Europe! Ah, so exciting! Just wanted to give everyone the heads-up to look out for some adventure posts while I’m traveling… Continue reading

Clothing Review: May Golden Tote

Since last time was such a hit, I thought I’d make it a monthly thing to incorporate a clothing review (I only say clothing instead of Golden Tote because I don’t know if I… Continue reading

Oreo Stuffed Funfetti Cookies

It seems like I’ve been baking stuff inside stuff constantly for the last couple months. But the saying does go, “Why have one when you can have two?” Doesn’t it? Oh, it doesn’t?… Continue reading

Cheddar Herb Popovers

Happy Sunday! There’s nothing more mid-Sunday morning than brunch here in Los Angeles. People live on this stuff, business deals are made over brunch, people rarely will fight over what rules weekend mornings… Continue reading

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